The Life of the Crane and the Journey Within – Frank G. Belleau/Maw Shaw Quet/Dbik Kaw Noong/Clear Sky/Evening Star


March 19th – 22nd, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday March 19th, 6 – 8 pm
Artist talk: Thursday March 19th, 2 pm

My names are: Maw Shaw Quet/Dbik Kaw Noong/Clear Sky/Evening Star

I am a living legacy, of the Two Row Wampum teachings.

My clan is the Crane Clan

My home territory is Baawaating

I was taught my crafts and my stories, by my Elders

The Life of the Crane and the Journey Within

A story about my life told through power-point and stories, from the perspective of an Anishinabe man, trying to hold on to his heritage and culture from the times of youth and not being accepted to now where I am welcome to be me and bring what my ancestors taught me.

Through the use of personal as well as found imagery the story of what I as an Anishinabe had to go through in my life time to hold onto my beliefs as well as my pony-tail. From the time spent in the company of my Grandparents learning to make traditional Ojibway arts and crafts to learning about all the relations that Creator put here on Mother Earth for us to share, to being incarcerated within the current school system that only rates Mother Nature for what can be gained on the open market and one that tried it’s best to beat all the good my ancestors taught me, outta me. As well to the times of the now where great strides are being made towards the truth about who we are as Anishinabe and the great assimilation process that tried it’s best to erase all the good our Grandparents stood for.

The story mirrors what the entire 600 Nations of North America endured to maintain their history and culture, from the times of running as free as Creator put us, to the attempted assimilation in the residential schools, to the awakenings and the realizations that we are at the paths or the two roads (one leads into the forest and the other exists at Mother Nature’s expense) and still further the fact that we can only be healthy once Mother Earth is allowed the same consideration.

It is also an acknowledgement to those countless Elders and teachers that were never recognized for what they shared and for the beautiful manner in which it was shared. As well for the pride I thank my ancestors for giving me a strong heart and a great path to the past and an even better one towards the future.

Kitchee Meegwetch

Frank G. Belleau