Cones – Allan Assels

Cones – Allan Assels
Algoma University BFA Thesis Exhibition
April 2nd – 5th, 2020
Opening reception: Online

Allan Assel’s paintings depict the many varied attributes, needs, adventures, and relations between creatures he calls Cones or Tee’s. The paintings reveal complex subtleties of colour achieved through layering of paint. Some of Allan’s poems allude to the complex natures of his Tee’s and Cones.

Two Yellow Tee’s

In the Valley of the Red Ground
A space of passion
Holds your attention
In the shape of a cone.

A cone that can wrap,
Seize and hold a moment of time
Is the ultimate experience
In this now or never world.

If you are eating ice cream
You can taste the white flavors slide
Off your tongue towards the intended target
The belly and all parts of the body.

You can feel  that you are an easy target for flavor.


Three Purple Top Tees

At first glance these strange lookings cones
With their deep purple tops
And pale purple bottoms
Entertain you with their shape and hue.
They have the attention of all the other cones
Who may not be as pretty
But they all want to be.
The best looking Cone in the swamp.
In a Cone’s world looking good
Is like the achievement of a lifetime.

In a Cone’s world it is better to look good
Than to feel good when you;
Frolic down by the river.


Four Red Cones 

One of these Cones is not the same
One of these Cones does not fit
The pattern or the plan
One of these Cones is up side down
There must be a reason for such a thing

The reason is some things are like that
Some things are upside down
That is how they were made
In the shade.

Three Red Tubes  on Blue

Down by the swamp lives
Three tubes that glow red
They are happy living
Down by the swamp
Cause that is the place to be.

Three red tubes that glow red
Down by the river
Are happy as can be
Cause they have a space to be

Living the dream and dreaming life.