Cloud Walking – Monica Pitre

In-between dreams

Cloud Walking – Monica Pitre
August 4th – September 12th, 2016
Opening reception: August 4th, 7 – 9 pm

We live in a world that is chaotic with activity and information. Through images Pitre examines the world around us, and within us, with a careful sensitivity.

Pitre’s work translates non-linear, abstracted story telling. Working in series, she uses a variety of building tools to visually assemble poetic compositions. There is a complexity that allows for interpretations to stem from many different perspectives including social, personal, historic &/or contextual. Through playfully layered juxtapositions, she creates rich dream worlds.

In the artworks exhibited at 180 Projects, there is a layering of heavily manipulated imagery, which constructs a sort of psychological space.  Old-fashioned window casings and archways reference interiority and domestic comfort, but also confinement, contrasted against imagery of freedom, movement, and the vast openness of sky. Non-linear narrative elements stage the passing of time, loss and the imperfectly remembered.


Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Monica Pitre is currently an Edmonton based artist. Her artwork engages a visual language to explore the complexities of the intuitive human spirit.  Pitre completed a BFA at Queens’ University and an MFA at the University of Alberta. She has exhibited her work locally and internationally and has been the recipient of numerous artist grants.

Pitre has had over ten years of cross-cultural and intergenerational teaching experience as an art educator. Her varied community-based experiences in Ontario, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories, have influenced and inspired her art making process.