Close – Grace Worrell


March 26th – March 29th, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday March 26th, 6 – 8 pm
Artist talk: Thursday March 26th, 3 – 4:30 pm

I grew up in small town Ontario. We lived in the same house my whole life. However the building itself always was, and is, in a constant state of flux. I cannot remember a time when a room wasn’t under renovation. Though there is constant change, there have always been some aspects that have remained, and result in this place feeling like home. Those consistent elements that created my sense of home are what I have chosen to explore through this body of work.

This study can be broken in to two components, the space and the domestic. In my study of the space I developed prints based on memory in which I try to recall the way the space existed during the times I am most able to remember. As a result, some elements are not consistent, and can appear illogical. These prints also bring up feelings of frustration; I felt like I could remember something so clearly, but in trying to convey that mental image concretely I realized much of the memory is lost.

The second component of this study, the domestic, is largely intertwined with the space. My exploration of the domestic comes out of a desire to relate to my ancestry. I feel there is a certain obligation I hold to the domestic and that it could not be ignored as a primary exploration of home. This section explores collections, specifically relating to their preservation within the household.

The title, Close, is intended to relate to my family, (it is my great-grandfather’s surname). It also applies to the contrast between my physical distance to this space and the emotional bond with the people who shared the space with me. Close is used in an additional way to mean to sanction something off. In this sense, the term distinguishes the personal from the public, and establishes my exploration as a view in to something closed off, private, only allowing glimpses between the two spheres.