Asdfghjkl; — Graceina Samosir

Asdfghjkl; — Graceina Samosir
April 3rd — April 8th, 2018
Opening reception: April 6th, 8 — 10pm


Graceina’s work is driven by thoughts and sentiments about her family, relatives, friends, peers, the objects associated with them, and the seemingly insignificant encounters and unimpressive mundane occurrences that involve them. Using both a painterly and graphic approach to drawing and painting allows her to convey my external world and reflect on my internal. This autobiographical body of work explores the subject of self-awareness, lonesomeness, somber longing, of separation, loss, and displacement, of wistfully looking back to the past and being apprehensive of the future, and includes simultaneously questioning the perpetuity of memory and celebrating it. Asdfghjkl; is underpinned with the idea of stylistic dissonance, of absence and presence, of adding and subtracting, of permanence and transience, of the translucent and the opaque, of spaciousness and density, of jumpiness and smooth transitions, of logical probing and intuitive playfulness, of linear narrative and disjointed story telling, of repetition and sole instances, of something done thoroughly and in a cursory manner, and of other co-existing dichotomies.

The way the images have been treated highlights the importance placed on process over final state. Leaving traces of “erroneous” marks reinforces what she values: the rawness and sincerity of an image, the influence of time and movement on a drawing. The decisions made, consciously or subconsciously, are meant to be laid out bare. Asdfghjkl; is fueled by stream of consciousness techniques, free association, and childlike haphazardness to deal with irrational spaces, mood, atmosphere, and rhythm, and other elements that organically arise from mindful image making. In essence, what results is imagery that can be equated to pictorial vomit.

Although it may seem arbitrary at first, the title is a sequence of alphabets found on one of the rows of the computer keyboard. It simultaneously accentuates the chaotic, fragmented, and perplexing nature of the images and the reasoning and decision making that lie beyond the arrangement. In addition, by removing the significance attached to the name of a finished series of work, Asdfghjkl; stresses the continuity of the project, that it will only evolve from this point on. Finally, Asdfghjkl; evokes the role that technology played and will continue playing into the making of this work; mobile devices have been the main mode of communication between the people that fuel her work and the artist.