Algoma University Thesis Exhibition 2018

Clockwise from top left: Barb Ramsey, Graciena Samosir, Isabelle Michaud, Q Qilegeer, Julia Downie


Algoma University Thesis Exhibition 2018
Barb Ramsey, Julia Downie, Isabelle Michaud, Graciena Samosir, Q Qilegeer
Opening Reception: April 20th, 2018 7pm

They came from near and far and far and wide. A French fireball with a penchant for family histories; a youth from the steppes of Mongolia nostalgic for his home and family; a former physiotherapist with a love of fabrics and intense production; a radiant jewel from Southern Ontario, dedicated to converting trauma into transcendence; and a young Indonesian woman fresh out of the heat of Columbia and straight into our winter wonderland, also taken by longing for family and friends. These are the 2017/2018 Algoma University BFA Thesis students; one of our most diverse groups and that diversity is reflected in the extraordinary range of their works. We are proud of the manner in which our programme enables the students to discover their own voices and in this end of studies group exhibition you will experience personal narratives expressed through the powerfully expressionist mixed media works of Isabelle Michaud; the exquisite dyed fabric installations of Barb Ramsay; the complex and technically brilliant drawings of Graciena Samosir; the transformational digital images of Julia Downie and the intimate paintings and drawings of QiLegeer.

Typically, the show takes place at the Art Gallery of Algoma but this year, as a consequence of their difficulties with facility, we have been compelled to find an alternate site. We are grateful to Andrea Pinheiro and 180 Projects for making their galleries available on short notice. This end of term exhibition follows one person shows by each artist and represents the culmination of his or her studies at Algoma University. In other words, this is a very big deal! So come on down and join us in celebrating the works and the accomplishments of these remarkable people.

Tom O’Flanagan, Associate Professor, Algoma University