Recessed Extractions – Daryl Wier

Image: Daryl Wier, Left: Untitled, mixed media, 2020, right: Untitled, charcoal on paper, 2019


Recessed Extractions – Daryl Wier
Algoma University BFA Thesis Exhibition
March 19th – 21st, 2020
Opening Reception: March 19th, 7–9pm
Alternate viewing: March 21st, 1–4pm


I create paintings and drawings of interior spaces; both literal and metaphorical. My subject matter originates with the interior spaces of everyday produce that become something altogether different when viewed in extreme close up or when abstracted. The fruits and vegetables that I choose as subject matter, once opened, have an interior, bodily quality, yet they also evoke landscapes with their mountains, valleys and rivers.

I begin my observations through macro photographs and the use of a scanner to enlarge my images and see further into the forms. I then decide on format and medium, alternating between the wetness of painting and the dryness of drawing; much like the subject matter itself. I am not faithful to the photograph but simply use it as a reference and a place to jump off from. My work is a meditative exercise in mark making. I become absorbed in the shading and lines within the inside of the subject excavating and discovering their forms, hidden spaces and tracing their curves.